About Me

Black and white photo of Michelle bending down in the grass with Lola the border collie’s smiling head in her hands. Lola is a black dog with a tan face and blue eyes and big smile.

Michelle Blackard

When I was in middle school I went to my dad’s office for a work with your parent day. I spent the day with the company’s graphic designer loving every minute. The next 20 years my life was dominated by music, performing and teaching, but something always pulled at me to get back to design. I opened Elle Marie Calligraphy & Design’s doors in 2015 and haven’t looked back. Design is what wakes me up at 4:00 a.m. hours before my alarm itching to put all my ideas into the computer. I am fascinated by the power of branding and how today, more than ever, your brand is represented across so many different channels in so many ways. I love working like minded entrepreneurs that are passionate about their career and excited to make their mark in the world.

Besides design and calligraphy I love mountain biking and road tripping with my husband, Evan and pup, Lola. I’m also an ultrarunner and Ironman, using racing as an excuse to explore new places around the globe!

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