Logo Design: Behind the Scenes of Erin Kathleen Spa


Erin Kathleen Boutique Spa Gallery

Erin Kathleen Spa is a small, professional boutique spa gallery in Frisco, Texas. The owner, Erin Conner, came to me with a font that she had found and wanted to use for her new logo and signboard. She loved the font and wanted to incorporate it but she didn’t like the uppercase “K.”

This is a perfect example of how a designer can blend those little details into your creative ideas. It was great that Erin knew exactly what she liked and disliked, that was a perfect starting place. Often times fonts have the same spacing between letters but it can look funny with different combos of letters typed out. For example, an “I” is often really close to an “N” but then it will look like there’s more space before a “J” just due to the shape of the letter. In Erin’s font there were a few connection issues due to it being a hand-written script. Cleaning up those little details can make a tremendous impact on the readability of your business name! 

My first step was to print out the font exactly as is and then work with pencil and paper to find the areas that I thought needed fixing.  After Erin reviewed those ideas we set to work in the computer. With Erin’s great feedback and a few modifications later, we were good to go! We came up with her social media images and marketing images as well as a logo with thicker lines to use as the signboard on her building. As a font designer, a fun and useful touch is making her a new “K” within the font so that when she uses it on marketing materials in the future, she can use the exact K from her logo. 

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