What Does Bespoke Mean?

What Does Bespoke Mean?


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Full disclosure, I had no idea what it meant when I first started calligraphy! I would see people using it in Facebook groups and think, “Dang! I’m so confused! What does that mean?!” After a few months I realized most people were using it in relation to wedding invitations and designs. Turns out, I had been creating “bespoke” products all along!


Bespoke, the word, originally comes from the United Kingdom in 1583 in reference to goods made to order, specifically clothing. Although not common in everyday usage, it’s very common now in American design, software, clothing, weddings, etc. This is not your off the rack shirt that is then tailored to you. It’s a piece of clothing made specifically for you. Most bespoke items are a collaboration between the client and the maker. 

Bespoke Design

In working with a designer your logo will be by nature, bespoke! Designers make them specifically for you, with you involved in the designing process. If you buy a template off Etsy and put your business name in it, that is not bespoke. You can see the same exact logo but with someone else’s name on the internet. In fact, I see this all the time. Search Pinterest for logos and you’ll have 100’s come up that you can download for a minimal fee, type in your business name, and BOOM you’re ready to go. This is a great solution for people just starting out and really have no idea how they want their brand to look yet. As your company grows however, and you start to find your identity, working with a designer to get a one of a kind logo is definitely the way to create that positive, memorable brand image your customers will recognize time and time again.

Bespoke Lettering

As a hand lettering artist, bespoke also means that for some logos, I am drawing and creating the letters to be used in the logo. I’m not using a font, I’m actually doing the letters by hand and then getting them into the computer for you to use digitally. Logos like this are even more unique and tailor-made to your brand. In the following Choco & Louie’s example you can see the pencil sketches I made first. Then brought it into the computer and cleaned up the letters as a black and white image. Finally, in collaboration with the client, colors were added with additional descriptions. The “restaurant cafe” lettering is a font I made of my lettering modified a little for this usage.

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